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What is Wyndham Harbour?

Wyndham Harbour is a $440 million marina development located 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, and will be the only safe boat harbour between Williamstown and Geelong. Once complete, Wyndham Harbour will be a world-class development and a major boating and lifestyle destination. It will feature up to 1000 wet berths and dry boat storage for up to 390 boats – making it the largest marina in Victoria and the second largest in the country (due for completion in 2016).

Wyndham Harbour now provides a wide range of facilities and services for residents, with a thriving new community who now occupy a range of premium waterfront homes, apartments and terrace homes  Located at the heart of the development, Marina Square provides a vibrant meeting place for the community with plans for a range of shops, restaurants and cafes overlooking the marina. There will be new walking and bike paths, parklands, wetlands and beaches, as well as upgrades to the Werribee South boat ramp and Duncans Road.

What is the total land size of Wyndham Harbour?

The WH development covers 72 hectares. It is made up of 25 hectares of freehold land and the balance as seabed, foreshore and channel reserve under Crown Lease.

How can we contact Wyndham Harbour?

The Wyndham Harbour Sales Suite is located in the Marina Quays Apartments building overlooking the Marina Square building and Quay Boulevard. This should be your first point of contact for any Wyndham Harbour related matters. The suite is open on Monday by Appointment Only and from 11.00am-5.00pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Sales - Land, Apartments and Marina Berths
Sudha Pon Sales Director, can be contacted for all sales enquiries. Email [email protected] or mobile 0414 061 144. 

Marina Manager
Darren Finkelstein can be contacted for all marina related enquiries. Email [email protected], or landline on (03) 9233 8530. 

Owners Corporation

For the most up to date information on the project and construction updates, go to the News and Events section via

What are permit conditions?

Permit conditions outline the requirements for further detailed information that is specific to the design and construction of the project and for matters such as the management of the site during construction. This ensures that all relevant authorities are satisfied that the detailed design and technical information is in accordance with the required legislation, codes of practice and the intent of the Planning Permit issued.

Can you please provide me with more details around project delays?

Wyndham Harbour Pty Ltd has been working on the development since 2004, with over 40 specialist consultants engaged over this period. WH has been an extremely complex and environmentally sensitive project from a planning and approvals perspective.

Given the intricacies and complexity of the project, a number of planning and building approvals are needed in order for correct checks and balances to occur to ensure the marina is built in accordance with the requirements of all authorities to ensure the sustainability, safety and longevity of the marina. WH has been engaged with the following local, state and federal government authorities:

  • Wyndham City Council
  • City West Water
  • Southern Rural Water
  • Melbourne Water
  • Powercor
  • Origin Energy
  • Tenix
  • Parks Victoria
  • Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI)
  • SEWPAC – Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

As a result a number of delays have occurred, which have extended the completion date. WH Pty Ltd is working closely with Council and all our relevant consultants to push these approvals through to allow more works to commence and speed up the delivery of the project.

What is happening with the Marina Square?

The Marina Square was completed on 17 October 2014 and is now open for public use. Situated in the heart of the development and surrounded by lush lawn and palm trees, this space is fast becoming the feature point of the development.

What is the status on the marina component?

Significant progress on Marina construction has taken place over the past four months. BMD Constructions have been working tirelessly and, to date, have completed land reclamation works along the southern foreshore. They have also been working concurrently to install the northern breakwater to enclose the southern marina basin.

Dredging of the southern marina basin has now commenced and now open.

Why is dredging required?

To provide a safe harbour depth and ensure passage in the marina for appropriate sized vessels.

What will be dredged?

The material anticipated to be encountered is a moderate to stiff clay covered by a relatively thin layer of sand.

What is happening to the dredged material?

Wyndham Harbour Pty Ltd is liaising with a number of authorities to determine where the dredge material can and will be used. That said, the dredge material will be placed in an authority approved location within the development.

What is a borrow pit?

A borrow pit is an excavated area within the site where we borrow or source fill material for the project and then later reinstate the excavated area with suitable imported material. The approvals granted from the relevant authorities will determine the location and treatment of all excavated and infill material.

What is the status of the internal landscaping?

Wyndham Harbour went to tender on the landscape package for Duncans Road/Main Boulevard and street verges for stages 1A, 1B and 2A. ULS Group were the appointed contractor and have since completed all works. ULS will continue maintenance of these works for the next 12 months as part of their contract and this maintenance will be paid for by the developer and will not come out of Owners Corporation fees.

Wyndham Harbour has brought forward the delivery of the playground in the Wetlands park and decided to install it on Lot 327 (Stage 2A) to provide greater amenity for residents. These works were undertaken by ULS Group and were completed in October 2014 . 

What size are the wetlands in Wyndham Harbour?

About 1.3 hectares of land has been set aside in the northern section of the Wyndham Harbour site for specially designed wetlands surrounded by landscaped open space, shared pedestrian and cycle paths, viewing platforms and rest areas. The wetlands area is directly linked to a further three hectares of foreshore reserve which extends one kilometre north-east to south-west along the coastline.

Wyndham Harbour’s total public open space equates to approximately 10% of the total development area. This is double the minimum requirement for residential developments.

What is the status of the proposed ferry service?

Wyndham Harbour has been engaged in ongoing discussions with a number of state government authorities to garner support for a commuter ferry service between Wyndham Harbour and the Docklands.

The state government has shown its support for a ferry service by including it in the Plan Melbourne report released in October 2013, which outlines the government’s Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Strategy.

At what times will the work be done? Eg days, hours, start and end construction dates.

Hours of work will be from Monday to Friday, 7am – 6pm, and Saturday, 7am – 3.30pm. 

Works may be undertaken outside of these hours but only with the consent of Council.

Will there be any dust? How will it affect people?

Yes, there may be some dust. Water carts will control any dust generated from the earthwork activities, and all site personnel are trained to monitor dust levels closely.

How will the construction affect people living, working and visiting in Werribee South?

People may experience some minor delays in traffic at times on and along Duncans Rd during construction of Wyndham Harbour.

Minor delays could occur as trucks and machinery enter and leave the site. BMD Constructions will have traffic management in place and there will be signage in accordance with VicRoads to ensure that any changed conditions will have minimal impact on road users. Construction vehicles will adhere to requirements in line with their responsibility to BMD Constructions.

Can people use the foreshore surrounding the Wyndham Harbour development?

No. In order to maintain a safe operation, access to the foreshore north-east of the Duncans and Beach roads intersection will be restricted to construction access only.

The foreshore area 100m south-west of this intersection will remain available to the public. 

What will be on site during construction?

On site during construction will be site offices, earthworks plant and machinery, and common infrastructure materials such as pipes, pits and rocks.

What has happened to the Duncans Road drain?

The Duncans Road drain has been laid underground for the full length of Wyndham Harbour’s frontage and will have an overland floodway, which will be fully landscaped. The drain reserve will remain in the ownership of Southern Rural Water and no drainage connections will be made to it from any part of Wyndham Harbour (other than at the entrances to Wyndham Harbour from Duncans Road itself).

How will the local community benefit from the Wyndham Harbour development?

When all stages are complete, Wyndham Harbour will be the premium master planned waterfront community and marina on Port Phillip Bay. The development features include:

  • Access to Port Phillip Bay – previously private land
  • Safe boat harbour with up to 1000 wet berths
  • New home of the Werribee South Coast Guard
  • Up to 390 additional berths in the dry boat store
  • Extensive boating facilities including maintenance and servicing facilities and refueling dock (both petrol and diesel)
  • Vibrant retail and commercial centre, around the hub of the now hub completed Marina Square, with future plans for cafes, restaurants, a Marina Club and community facilities
  • Jobs and tourism
  • Two new public beaches, bike and running paths, wetlands, recreation centre and tennis courts
  • Fibre optic available to all residents
  • Car parking
  • CCTV coverage of main entry (including number plate recognition cameras)
  • Upgrade of Duncan’s Road (contribution)
  • Provision of all services including gas supply (not currently available in the area)


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